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A few of my happy clients

Cherry has done the pictorials of our monthly Gold Medal Ales for over 13 years and we now have in excess of 150 of her art works. This gives me the confidence to state that Cherry's work will enhance any product presentation. It would be produced with a minimum of fuss, as she easily assimilates your ideas, before producing something that will be exactly as you imagined and in 13 years we have never had to ask her to revise a single design.


Geoff Mumford - Co- Director, Burton Bridge Brewery Ltd



"Not only have Cherry's artwork and images helped portray out beer brands so effectively, but she has been invaluable with the advice she has offered on branding , which has often resulted in us gaining additional guest beer listings ."


Stuart Bateman - Managing Director (Trading), Batemans Brewery





As a brewer of the finest quality cask ale,  it is vitally important to reflect that quality with the on bar presence of the brand, this we do with the help of Cherry, who we have worked with for the past five or six years. Over that time she has portrayed our brands through design and paintings which have then been transformed into pump clips. Cherry has turned our pump clips into a form of art which are recognised throughout the Country. Cherry is given a brief with time scales, she returns draft drawings very quickly and then is extremely flexible and always delivers exceptional work within the agreed time.


Using a true artist who uses real pencil and paints gives a fantastic feel good factor appreciated by all our drinkers who not only love our beers but delight in the artwork on the beer pump.


David Grant - Managing Director, Moorhouses Brewery